How it got all started ...

Cottonseed Glory started out as a craft store back in 1978.  Today, it is quilt shop meeting the needs of quilters from all over the country.  


Our story continues…

​We are now in the second year of running the quilt shop and have officially changed the name to The Crabby Quilter, to reflect the personality of the Sailor, me.  The name also happens to fit nicely within the greater Chesapeake Bay community known for its various crab delicacies and beautiful Annapolis. 


Cathy is now more of a presence at the shop.  She continues to travel from Verona, VA, every other weekend, but you can now also see her every Wednesday through Friday.  Her quilting expertise can be seen throughout the shop with its dynamic looks, new longarm classes and unmatched services.  If you haven't had the opportunity to meet her, take a moment during your next visit and chat with her.   

Marti, the silent partner, is now "deployed" to another state with a new title at a private boarding school.  Always a Navy's spouse at heart and this Sailor's much better half, she continues to navigate and keep the Sailor on course from afar.  Her love for all things nautical has not waned and can still be seen throughout the shop. 


As for me, "The Crabby Quilter”, I go by Tony or the Sailor.  I can be found most days at the shop, and is happiest chatting about and servicing machines. 


Our amazing staff, Robbyn, Sue, Delight, Pam, Carolyn, Barbara, Rhoda and Ramona, and service tech, Dan, continue to meet and serve local and visiting quilters alike!  


The Crabby Quilter’s story will continue and be updated periodically.  Please stop by and share with us your stories and projects!

 Find Us:

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The Crabby Quilter is located a mile from Historic Downtown Annapolis on a tree-shaded street lined with boutiques and restaurants.  Conveniently located just off Rt 50. Take exit 24 (Rt 70 - Rowe Boulevard) into Annapolis. Turn left at Melvin Ave. and right at Annapolis Street.  Continue for a block and a half, then turn left between the 2 pink buildings to the lower level parking lot. The shop is on the lower level. 

4 Annapolis Street

Annapolis, MD 21401

(410) 263-3897

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