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Features and Benefits of the HQ26 Infinity(R) from the


  • Front Power Switch

  • Bobbin-thread cutter

  • Pinpoint needle laser

  • 3,100 Stitches per minute

  • Easy-Touch Tension™ with stored presets (Patent Pending)

  • On-screen hand wheel

  • Adjustable spool tray and thread mast included

  • Synergy Stitch™ regulation with Precision and Cruise modes

  • Four basting stitch options

  • Quilting alarm and project timer

  • Stitch counters

  • Programmable handlebar buttons

  • Integrated micro handles

  • Thread-break sensor with alarm

  • Bobbin-use estimator with low-bobbin alarm, with up to twenty presets

  • Quilt-view camera with Quilters Eye technology

  • Needle-stop position control

  • Internal diagnostics

  • Handi Accessory Rail

  • Integrated, adjustable laser light for pantographs

  • High-speed rotary hook with large-capacity M-class bobbin

  • Easy needle change with ergonomic thumb screw

  • Four extra bobbins, 20 needles, sample thread pack and pantograph

  • Four language options: English, French, German and Spanish

Features and Benefits of the HQ18 Avanté(R) from the


  • 18" throat to accommodate your bigger projects

  • 2 kinds of stitch regulation with precision control provides consistent stitch quality from 4 stitches-per-inch up to 18 stitches-per-inch

  • 15" of open quilting space: quilt from crib to king with ease

  • Color touch-screen controls allow switching quickly from manual mode to stitch-regulation mode

  • Included LED lights are menu-controlled

  • Speeds up to 1800 precision stitches-per-minute

  • Color touch-screens front and back

  • Exclusive HQ Walking Stitch

  • Set your preferred settings

  • Needle stop position control

  • Stitch counters

  • Built-in diagnostics

  • Adjustable sound levels

  • Integrated, adjustable laser light

  • HQ Micro Handle compatible (optional accessory)

  • 3 table/frame/track combinations available

  • Precision-glide aluminum track available on HQ Studio Frame

  • HQ technology and innovation

  • HQ customer service and warranty

  • Hand-crafted in the USA


  • Stitch regulation with precision control provides consistent stitch quality from 4 stitches per inch up to 18 stitches per inch

  • 20" of open quilting space: quilt from crib to king with ease

  • Fingertip controls allow you to switch quickly from manual mode to stitch-regulation mode

  • Built in adjustable LED lighting functions with menu control: Warm/Cool/Neutral or UV

  • Speeds up to 2200 precision stitches per minute

  • On-board video play-back system

  • Tilt-action, color-touch display screens (2)

  • Set your preferred settings

  • Full- and half-stitch settings

  • Needle position control

  • Stitch counters

  • Built in self-diagnostics

  • Video download and playback options

  • Download upgrades

  • Thread-break sensor

  • Integrated, adjustable laser light

  • Built-in connection point for HQ Micro Handles

  • 12' HQ24 HQ24 Fusion(R) Frame System; load and quilt with no additional adjustment needed

  • HQ technology

  • HQ customer service

  • Hand-crafted in the USA

Features and Benefits of the HQ24 Fusion(R) from the

Features and Benefits of the HQ Sweet Sixteen(R) from the


  • Full 16" of throat depth provides more than 3 times the quilting space of domestic sewing machines, with over 8" of vertical space

  • Smooth table surface assures even quilting

  • Speeds up to 1500 precision stitches-per-minute

  • TruStitch Ready (Handi Quilters exclusive stitch-regulation for HQ Sweet Sixteen)

  • High-speed rotary hook with large capacity "M"-class bobbin

  • Hopping foot prevents fabric movement during a full-stitch cycle

  • Handles any thread: cotton, polyester, rayon, metallics, holographic, etc. Use larger threads for bobbin work

  • Set your top speed using the intuitive adjustable color-touch screen. Save your preferred speed settings with 3 customizable pre-sets. You can save one speed setting for slow, controlled quilting, one for free-motion and yet another for fast all-over designs

  • Change needles easily with Thumb Screw Needle Screw

  • Use Half-Stitch for basting or walking stitch

  • Responsive foot pedal with half-stitch control

  • Innovative Light Ring illuminates the quilting area with 28 LEDS

  • Use HQ Rulers for perfect stitch-in-the-ditch and curved quilting lines

  • Adjustable Color-Touch Screen includes:

    • Customizable speed control with 3 customizable settings

    • Stitch counters: Lifetime and resettable Trip Meter

    • Serial # display

    • Hardware and software info

    • Diagnostics

    • Volume control

    • Calculator

    • Can be converted to a stand-up machine if desired

Features and Benefits of the Capri (R) from the


  • Easy setup and assembly

  • Four times the quilting space of the average home sewing machine (18 inches of throat space and eight inches of vertical space)

  • Paired with the exclusive HQ InSight TableTM with built-in HQ InSight Stitch RegulationTM

  • Adjustable table height from 25.5″ to 39.5″

  • Stitching speed up to 2,200 stitches per minute

  • 4-22 precision stitches per inch

  • Two modes of stitch regulation: Precision or Cruise

  • Handi Feet compatible; comes with quarter-inch ruler foot installed, open-toe foot

  • Adjustable high-resolution color touch screen

  • Needle-stop position control

  • Responsive foot pedal

  • Easy needle change

  • Low-bobbin estimator and alarm

  • Quilting alarm and project timer

  • Walking stitch plus five basting stitch options

  • Presets for saving favorite manual mode stitching options

  • Stitch counters

  • Bobbin-area “dam” allows for use of canned air for lint removal

  • Built-in diagnostics

  • Easy USB machine and software updates

  • Can be easily upgraded to a movable-carriage, frame machine if your needs change


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